English Composition JC 11

Course Information

Meets Every (Monday & Wednesday)

Instructor: David Simpson
Email Address: simpsonkg@gmail.com
Room: TBA

Title: Get Ready to Write: A First Composition Text
Author: Blanchard and Root
Publisher: Longman

Title: Test It Fix It: Pre-Intermediate
Author: Bourke
Publisher: Oxford

Grading Objectives
1) Attendance            40%

Attendance: Regular attendance is very important. One class = 1% Late Class= .5%
If you miss more than 1/3 of your classes then you automatically fail this course.

2) Assignments           60%
You will be required to write a small assignment after every chapter in our text plus one final assignment (to be announced later) at the end. There will be a total of 10 assignments worth 6% x 10.

3) Assignment Focus – each assignment has a chapter focus. For example Assignment 1 has a focus on chapter 1. If you want to do your best please use you book and use what we learn!

See Homework & Assignments

Journal Topic:

Date Due: November


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