Listening and Speaking 4 BP6

Course Information

Meets Every (Tuesday & Thursday)

Instructor: David Simpson
Email Address:
Room: TBA

Course Information

Title: World Link
Author: Susan Stempleski
Publisher: Cenage

Grading Objectives:
1) Attendance            25%
Regular attendance is very important. One class = 1% Late Class= .5%
If you miss more than 1/3 of your classes then you automatically fail this course.

2) Homework            15%
There will be regular homework assignment to help you understand the material. Please do your homework. Homework will not be accepted late.

3) Presentations        15%
There will be two presentations during the term. More information will be given later.

4) Participation        15%
Please try to actively participate in class, which means asking questions and doing your best during classroom activities. Noisy students will lose points.

5) Tests            30%
There will be a small quiz at the end of every chapter. Please prepare.

Class Rules
1.    No using cell phones in class.
2.    No food in class. Please eat you food in the cafeteria!
3.    Please bring your textbook to every class
4.    Please do your best to speak English during all class activities.
Please note: Failure to follow any of these rules will affect your participation grade.

See Homework and Assignments


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