Listening and Speaking 4 BP7

Course Information

Meets Every (Monday & Thursday)

Instructor: David Simpson
Email Address:
Room: TBA

Course Information

Title: World Link
Author: Susan Stempleski
Publisher: Cenage

Grading Objectives:
1) Attendance            25%
Regular attendance is very important. One class = 1% Late Class= .5%
If you miss more than 1/3 of your classes then you automatically fail this course.

2) Homework            15%
There will be regular homework assignment to help you understand the material. Please do your homework. Homework will not be accepted late.

3) Presentations        15%
There will be two presentations during the term. More information will be given later.

4) Participation        15%
Please try to actively participate in class, which means asking questions and doing your best during classroom activities. Noisy students will lose points.

5) Tests            30%
There will be a small quiz at the end of every chapter. Please prepare.

See Homework and Assignments


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